Using Facebook Live, you can stream whatever you want and go live to pass information to people. Currently, people stream events live on Facebook from their Facebook Page or profile. They use it to capture the attention of millions of people. As they stream, comment and react to your live video stream, you recognize their presence and get to relate with them. This could even be easier than starting a YouTube Channel. Since the initiation of the Facebook Live on Facebook, many digital marketers have taken a huge advantage of this and are even advise people to do same. Videos are very engaging and I know you may feel making a video and uploading gets you a lot of audiences but try out Facebook Live and you would observe that you can achieve even more.Facebook Live Go Live Now

How to Use Facebook Live

The beautiful thing about digital marketing now compared to the kind of marketing done in the analog age is that digital marketing is tangible. You can easily monitor your growth, engagement, and audience. For bloggers and digital marketers, it is advisable you use what your audience can relate with. For some audience, content writing is preferred while for some others; uploading videos or going live is preferred. Here is how you can access Facebook Live and make use of it:

  • Get on your Facebook Timeline where you update your status
  • Click on “Live Video
  • Input a description
  • Select your targeted audience
  • Then click “Go Live

How to Join Facebook Live Broadcast

To join Facebook Live Broadcast follow these steps:

  • Get an invite from the host of the broadcast to join the broadcast
  • On invitation click “Go Live

You can choose to live the broadcast by simply tapping on the window in which you display.

You can join the Facebook Go Live Group by searching it on the Facebook Search Bar.