Facebook Games – How to get to Facebook Games Homepage

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Facebook has made things easier for those people who love playing games, this is called the Facebook Games. Many people don’t know that you they get games from Facebook. And not just getting the games but you can also play Facebook games with your Facebook friends.

Facebook Games

All the Facebook games here are just so amazing and when playing them you will enjoy them. Users don’t have to border themselves any on issues of getting busier on their Facebook account. And this is because Facebook Games is just one amazing new feature add to this wonderful social media service.

Are you excited about finding out the Facebook Game homepage? The steps are very easy if you follow them very well it will not be difficult. All you just need to do is;

  • Go to your Facebook account, and if you want the Facebook games to work you will have to use the actual Facebook application or an android phone that supports the Facebook games.
  • At the left part of the page of your screen you will see games, then click on it
  • Another page loads pops out, which is the homepage where you have the homepage of different games.
  • You will see different features based on the Facebook games e.g. Home, casual, top charts casual, battle and casino, you will also see features like, find game, instant game and activity. If you should click on the homepage you will see games like, criminal case, zootopia crime files and many more games. If you want to find more games you can;
  • Click on top charts then you will see different popular games.
  • If you should click on casual you will see categories of games like, puzzle board game and so much more.

Note; you can also download game room by clicking on download game room and when you have done that it will now direct you to where you will install the application on your pc or on your mobile device.

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