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Facebook Marketplace Online – Buying and selling have never been made easier on Facebook until the introduction of the Facebook Marketplace. This platform creates a convenient means for individuals in a particular locality to market products and gets people to purchase them. On your visit to the Facebook Marketplace service, you will come across a list of items just like any other online shop. These items are placed on sale for people to buy. You can even use the search option to search for the item you would like to purchase.

Facebook Marketplace Online

The Facebook Marketplace service isn’t an app per se because it’s not distinct from the Facebook platform you make use of. You may be thinking of signing up for an online store where you are required to pay some amount before you can have your own space. Why not give the Facebook Marketplace a chance? It’s free, easily accessible, and flexible. Facebook hasn’t made Marketplace available to all countries of the world. Almost half of the countries in the world have access to this service already so, if it’s not in your country, just relax because it might be coming your way soon. It is important you know that Facebook Marketplace is compatible with just any device.

Facebook Marketplace Online Sale

Not every item is allowed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. There are restrictions on certain kinds of items on this platform. Notwithstanding, there are a lot of items that can be sold here. You must become a Facebook user before you can be allowed to use Marketplace. Although, new accounts are not allowed to make use of Facebook Marketplace but you can sign up with Facebook and patiently wait until you are approved to start using Facebook Marketplace.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Before the introduction of Marketplace to the Facebook platform, people were still making use of the platform to buy and sell items since they can reach more persons using Facebook. This was great but still wasn’t safe for transactions like buying and selling. Now, Facebook has created a safe, reliable and flexible service for the sole purpose of buying and selling. To sell items on Facebook Marketplace, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Get to your Facebook News Feed
  • Click on the shop front icon representing the Facebook Marketplace
  • Tap “Sell Something” and click “item for sale”
  • Pick the category the item falls under
  • Enter a title, description, location, and price
  • Upload at least 10 detailed photos of the item in question
  • Click “Next”
  • Choose where you want to post the item
  • Finally, click “Publish

You will have your item listed on Facebook Marketplace instantly.

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