Facebook New Web Design – Facebook New Design | New Facebook Website

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Have you seen or heard about Facebook’s new web design and if you have been using Facebook for a long time you would know that over the years the company has been improving the platform design and adding new features. And this new Facebook web design might be the most dramatic of them all since it been years since a new design came to Facebook.

Facebook New Web Design - Facebook New Design | New Facebook Website

Facebook New Web Design Review

This new design introduces a dark mode to the web version. Facebook executives have announced the social network plans to bring the new Facebook design for both web and mobile. This new design is an interface update that will place a very big emphasis on groups and events. The desktop and mobile app will automatically receive the update making Facebook will also be modernized it’s looking for the new decade.

The Facebook new web design is carried out on both the desktop website and mobile apps. This new design is cleaner, brighter, and more contemporary. If you are not a fan of the new look this update comes with a dark mode so you can easily switch it to dark mode and enjoy your chatting.

How The New Design Affect News Feeds and Groups

The new update will bring about major changes apart from changing the outlook. Facebook will be doubling down on private interaction and group communities. Also to expect a major change in how you will receive messages on Facebook. That does not mean that that News Feed will be no more but, in fact, press imagery for The New Facebook still shows a stream of status updates.

The group tabs have been changed to find new groups that you will be interested in even faster. The Groups page will also serve up recent activity within groups you’re a member of and may even replace the News Feed as the default feed. You will also see more connections among groups and the Facebook features you use the most, such as Marketplace or even the Facebook Watch.

Other features that will come with these updates will be a chat for gaming groups as well as interaction for Facebook live and those who use Facebook for buying and selling.

When will The New Facebook Arrive? CHECK BELOW

Facebook has begun rolling out The New Facebook to mobile users in late 2019 and to start using it, make sure you’re running the latest version of the Facebook mobile app. Desktop users are the ones that can access the Facebook new web design for now.

How to Get Dark Mode on the New Facebook Desktop Website

Facebook is notifying people via their Facebook account homepage to try The New Facebook and its dark mode from a desktop, here are the procedures.

  • First off login to Facebook on your computer and go to your Settings drop-down menu.
  • Select the option toward the bottom that says Switch to New Facebook and you will be brought to the all-new look and you will be shown a card detailing the key changes.
  • Then, you will be allowed to choose the dark mode and at any time. You can go back to the Settings menu and from the drop-down menu to switch back to the classic Facebook website.

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