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Facebook is one of the highest-rated apps that millions of people use to connect to their friends and loved ones all over the world over the years. This is because it aids the continuity of relationships and also aids the start of new relationships. Anybody who is a consistent user of the Facebook app will be aware of the Facebook New website TV feature that just been recently introduced.

Facebook New Website TV feature - Facebook Portal TV | Facebook Web New Design

The Facebook New website TV feature that has been lately launched for use is the new portal devices that possess different features like the AI camera, Alexa, Applications like Spotify, Amazon prime video which was recently added, an in-house voice assistant speaker, and end-end encrypted WhatsApp video calls and finally the message video chats.

The Facebook New website TV feature which is the Portal TV lets you hang out with your friends and family on the home’s biggest screen. It is one of the very fresh product classes that can give the social network an edge in the living room. In this article, you’ll learn more about the Facebook New website TV feature available.

Facebook New website TV Feature: Portal TV and types

The Facebook New website TV feature is an advanced feature of Facebook that gives the user an edge by giving access to the various  amazing features that the portal TV possesses, below are the categories of TV Feature available for your use:

  • The portal TV which goes for $149 is one of the TV that is capable of turning most of the televisions with an HDML connection into a video chat device. Also if the video caller is used between two portal TVs, you can co-view through the aid of the new watch together feature and watch videos at the same time while relaxing together. Portal TV is a very brilliant method for Facebook to make it’s hardware very much available at a cheap rate.
  • The new Giant 25 inches Portal TV + Swivel screen which the price is $279 instead of $349. And also if you buy more than one portal device, you can get $50 off the initial prices.
  • The new pint-size 8 -inch Portal Mini. The price is $129. This TV gives you access to countertop video chat at a very cheap rate.
  • 10 -inch Portal. This is much sleeker than the 8-inch portal Mini with price ranging from $199 to $179. They both possess picture frames that can stand on their side or end for maximum chatting with full screen.

More About the Facebook Portal TV

The Facebook New website TV feature above portal TV are listed above with their types and prices. These portal TV also possesses some special characteristics which are written.

  • Portal TV is flexible and consists of an innovative stand for placing the gadget on your TV. The HDML connects grants you access to a 12.5 mega pixel, 120-degree camera.
  • Portal TV also has improved smart speaker that you can make use of even when is not on or it is on a different input.
  • The Portal possesses an AI smart camera that tracks many people and keeps everyone together.

With the detailed information given above in this article, you can get all the required knowledge needed for Facebook new website TV Feature.

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