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Facebook Security very vital for FB users to help protect their FB account against unauthorized activities. Aside from Facebook, the web is full of scammers, hackers, and spammers who take advantage of online platforms to carry out activities that are unruly. For FB, the reason users struggle with security is that they don’t pay attention to details and tools FB has laid down to ensure user security. At certain times, Facebook make deliberate effort to send their users messages regarding security of their account but it unwise to ignore so you don’t regret later.

Facebook Security

Have you heard of Facebook Security Settings? Facebook designed this settings to help users secure their accounts and recover it if need arises. Your Facebook Security Setting entails the following:

  • Where are you logged in
  • Selected friends to contact if ever locked out
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Facebook Security Block List – Facebook Security Following Me

People are continually asking if the FB Security Block List exists. Some say it’s a list which has a group of government agents who are assigned to monitor your activities. I can’t probably say how true this is but I can tell you how to find this list of FB Security agents following you. Follow these steps:

  • Locate your Facebook Account Settings
  • Go to your blocking settings
  • In the search bar presented to you, type “Facebook Security”
  • I list of individuals will pop up

You can send them a message to know if they are spying on you. Some persons say that this list is a list of government officials spying on you. People have different confirmations about this and you can also make your own research.

This is how you know FB Security following you constantly. So check it out yourself and confirm it.

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