Google AdSense – How to Monetize Your Website Using Google AdSense | Why You Need Google AdSense

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Google AdSense is one great opportunity given by Google to website and blog owners to help earn money from their websites are Google continually displays ads on their site. People pay for Google to advertise for them because of how reputable and widely accepted Google is round the world. They advertise through people websites and blogs who are granted permission to have these ads on their sites. Remember, Google is being paid for this but once you have the Google AdSense, you get a cut (earning) from Google for advertising on your website or blog. These earnings come in two forms which are:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
Google AdSense

It is important that your niche targets a particular audience because it will make your ads of use to them and they will keep visiting and clicking on these ads which will give you an increase in earnings. That is, more clicks and more impressions earn you more monies.

Things You Should Know About Google AdSense

Google only gives AdSense to sites which comply with their AdSense terms and conditions. This is because they don’t want people publishing spam or uninformative contents to web visitors all for the sake of making money. So as you apply, you should check through to see if your site or blog meets Google’s policies. Just in case you are denied access to having a Google AdSense account, you should know you website is not meeting these policies and on denial, Google will tell you to make certain adjustments before you apply again.

How to Apply For Google AdSense

  • Get on the Google AdSense Sign Up page
  • Input your website URL, Email address and personal details
  • Enter your country and region
  • Enter your mailing address
  • Copy and paste the AdSense code where stated on your website or blog (This is done at the backend of your site or blog)
  • Wait for approval

Be alert for your approval message to be sent to you from Google. Once you are approved, ads will begin displaying on your site.

As you continually work, you will continually earn. You are allowed to make withdrawal once you earn up to $100. Before you withdrawal, you would be sent a pin from Google to your mailing address which you must enter to help you cash out you earnings.

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