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How I Got Instant Loan from GTBank Quick Credit

GTB Quick Credit: I remember I was not financially active when I wanted to pay for my bureau rental just a few years ago, and I decided to approach two of the commercial banks with which I have accounts.

Generally speaking, as an SME or a self-employed person, it is quite difficult to obtain loans from commercial banks in Nigeria, because documentation and collateral are required beyond your reach. In the past, I have tried to obtain loans for my business and I know how frustrating the entire process may be.

You don’t blame banks sometimes, because many SMEs aren’t in a very good position before the banks approach a loan.

Many bank customers cannot establish contact with their banks and many of them do not have a good history of credit. If you look forward to accessing banks’ loans, credit history is very important. Your credit history: What you ought to know in this article Make this subject clearer and I urge you to read it and try to work on your credit history.

In the past, bank loans without collateral had been very difficult for SMEs. I’ve seen banks come up with products that support small and medium-sized enterprises and wage earners without any collateral. GTB Quick Credit is one such product from a trade bank.

Many products and applications from both commercial and non-commercial banks enable you to obtain a small company loan or instant loan and this paper highlights the main ones: Top loan platforms for fast loans Without collateral 10 minutes to 24 hours

I used to see the Quick Credit GTB advertisements wherever I went and I tried to access them once. So I never bothered to start the process again because I think it was for salaried people.

On 14 August, I entered my GTWorld app for a transfer; you see a message that I am pre-qualified for a N75000 loan. I urged yes or no to refuse and I pressed yes out of curiosity.

The app brought me to a different page showing the total amount of loans, interest and the 6-month loan. I prompted to agree, and my account was immediately credited with a 6-month repayment plan with N75,000 loan.

The words that came from my mouth were “so that’s what works.” It was surprising. Now I understand the importance of establishing a relationship with your bank as well as building my credit history was glad to have received the loan from GTB and immediately transferred the funds to my Facebook and Google ad accounts in order to make more money to repay the credit. I was happy to get the credit back.

I will be paying between N12, 697.75 – N13, 276.70 monthly for six months starting on August 30, based on the loan repayment schedule sent to me by GTBank. Every last day of the month is the due date of my refund.

I have seen people that have received N150, 000 and N500, 000 as self-employed. A salary account holder with GTBank can get up to N5 million depending on how much they earn every month.



So what is GTB Quick Credit?

GTB Quick Credit is a time loan for wages and non-salary bank accounts. It is a cashless instant loan, and you can get as N5million as a holder of a wage account and a non-wage holder up to N1million.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate of 1.75% monthly that means for a loan that will last for 6 months you will pay 10.5 % and a loan that will last for 12 months you will pay 21%.

Loan Tenor:

The payback period is between 6 months to 12 months.

How to Apply for GTB Quick Credit:

Do you have an account with GTBank and are you interested in getting a quick credit?

There are two ways you can apply for quick credit.

The first method to apply is by using a USSD. You need to dial *737*51*51# to request Quick Credit instantly.

apply now

GTB Quick Credit


The second method is making your Quick Credit request using GTBank online and mobile banking platforms (Internet Banking, GTWorld, GTBank Mobile App and Habari App)

Have you tried using GTB Quick Credit and what was the experience like?

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