How to Change Facebook Language Settings

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Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world today with over 1.5 billion users. At least this should tell you that not all the users on Facebook speak the same language. People from different countries and status flood Facebook and definitely they use Facebook in the Language they understand since not all of them are from America and since Facebook is mainly translated in English. Well, Facebook made Language Translation easy for everyone via Facebook settings so, if you have ever asked how to Changes Facebook Language settings the article is the answer.

How to Change Facebook Language Settings | CHECK NOW

If you have really used Facebook very well you should at least know that Facebook translates most post written in other languages to English. But what if you do not speak English and you want your Facebook page to be written in your language and not English?

There are usually lots of reason why some people would want to learn how to change their Facebook account language settings. You might travel to a country where their main language is not English and you wish to switch to their language, Facebook can help you with that. Whatever reason you choose to translate you Facebook account for, Facebook is always here for you. There are over 100 languages to choose from when selecting languages so if your language is a popular one it should be available in Facebook language settings.

 How to Change Facebook Language Settings

If you are making use of the Facebook web or the Facebook app you do not need to worry because you can change the language in either of them. The process may be different, but none of the two methods is so complicated to the point where you cannot handle the process of changing the language. Below I will be giving steps on how to change Facebook language settings on both platforms.

Facebook Web

To change Facebook language on the Facebook web, all you have to do is go to Facebook language settings page and jump straight to the fifth step. Or you can just follow the steps I will be stating for you below:

  • First login your Facebook account using your web browser
  • Click the drop-down menu arrow at the top right corner of the screen
  • The menu will open, click the setting icon at the bottom
  • Click the language option on the left side of your screen

With this, you would be on the language settings page. There you can select any language you want your post to be translated into, plus you can also select any language you do not want to be translated. This is really helpful because it would relieve you the stress of trying to understand another language.

  • Click edit
  • Select the language you prefer from the drop-down menu
  • And finally, click save changes

Facebook Mobile App (iPhone)

if you are making use of the mobile app, all you have to do is to follow the steps stated below:

  • Open the Facebook app and sign in
  • Click the menu icon at the bottom right of the page
  • Scroll down and click settings and privacy icon
  • Once you do that, a sub-menu would open, click app language
  • On this page select, your language by scrolling down the page or using the search bar to look for it.
  • Finally, click it to make the change.

Facebook Mobile App (Android)

  • Click the menu icon
  • Open the settings and privacy page
  • Click language
  • Finally, select the language you wish to switch to and that is it.

With this, you should not have any hard time when dealing with how to change Facebook language settings.

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