How to change Facebook page name 2020

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professional tutorial calm and today in this tutorial we are going to learn that how we can change our facebook page name now we have like I have that my facebook page and I was finding like different method and I was coming like in setting and edit input but the option was not in here and I was just making a lot of mistakes and after that when I

found I find the correct way to change your facebook page name now the name is made updates I want that to be made tutorial as I have the main like website which is professional tutorial therefore I want that to be one of the like sub category of the professional tutorial I am going to teach mathematics okay what you are going to do you will just come in your page and here in the left side you have about then you are going to click about then you will find

different categories like you have here we have about an in journal we have categories which is definitely educate education website and we have name made updates and we have an option here okay we are going to edit that one and after editing you have different like information here that your page name should be accurately reflect that the page is about or what the page is about we review the name changes it means that what you are going to write in your page name it should be the page name which reflect the material or the data which you are uploading in your in your

Facebook page okay you are not going to write in event name and after that one they also take that into review but one more important things is here that you should just change one word at a time or you can just eat for example official if you are going to add a word but not change completely okay if I have like made updates I cannot change that like like for example it is social networking tutorial because it is completely different from my page after when

Facebook revs my page then they will just reject and I will not change my facebook after the review okay what you are going to do for example I have made updates I will say that to make tutorial and if you are going to change for example after that month when it reviews then you should also come back and change like mid to social and remember that it should be regular not if it is not you know if it is a Rivlin then you will may be in hurdle and it will

not get approved okay what you are going to do right now it is also written here you can find easily and I will press right now professional tutorial I have the website and it is sub category which is made tutorial and I’m going to click continue and you will get like see you have confirmed name change request okay we have made updates and I just

change that to my tutorial and we are requesting the following change to your page and here is the like all the information our you may take three days it minimum three days it will text okay it is not possible to email it immediately you can change the name you may just wait for three days and if your name changes approved then we

don’t be we won’t be able to unpublish the page or change the name again for seven days it means after seven days you are not going to unpublish or change once again your name then after one week you are going to apply for name change once again okay then I will say no problem request change because I need that one like my tutorial anyway you have right now we were we are reviewing your change request and we are reviewing your page name change

request now we will send you notification within three days now here I have write your request to change your name has been approved oh my god personally I have approved very quickly now let me just check if everything is fine I will just come and refresh that on and see if we have like yeah it is completely changed you can see that we have cried made tutorial see I have not for example more follower in minded that page, therefore, it approved quickly if you have like no unread K or more than that one or you have a huge follower for your that Facebook page then it will take a lot , therefore,

of time for you okay then that is one of the easy way to change the Facebook page name it was saying in Hindi like we just made edit three days but it recently just done and changed everything now when I’m going to click in I did see what is the notification unable to change name again until fourth December and it is the timing okay I will say okay no problem it is solved my problem I hope you liked that tutorial if you liked this post and also share with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe

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