How to Connect your Candy Crush Game to your Facebook Account
Candy Crush Game is an interesting game and also an amazing game that is very interesting to begin and also to end with. Candy Crush Game has so many colorful color combination gems shaped like the candies to get to the score point.

Connect your Candy Crush Game to Facebook

You can always play this game online and you can download the App on your PC, or on your mobile device. This game is played to get special gem that would enable you not to just win but to also get your score increasing to a whole new point. This game is not just an ordinary game but it is a game, when you are playing you will begin to enjoy when you start playing to different level with amazing features on it.

These steps are what you should take when you want to connect your candy crush to your Facebook account

  • Launch your candy crush app on your pc or android device
  • Then just at the homepage you get to see play and connect
  • Click on the connect icon
  • You would then be directed to a new page
  • On that page you need to fill in your email or your phone number and also your password
  • Once you’ve filled in your details
  • Then you click on the log in icon
  • Once you’ve done that, a new page then loads
  • After the loading, you would need to log in again
  • Once that is done, you click on continue
  • Then you wait to be connected to your Facebook
  • Then you follow the rest of the procedures to start playing your Candy Crush Game
  • You also get to see friends with highest scores too
  • So you can start playing and start feeling the fun.