How to Create Seller Account on eBay – Open an eBay Seller Account | eBay Seller Account Setup

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Selling on eBay is a great opportunity for the growth of your business. But before you can start selling on eBay, opening an account is a prerequisite. Unless you already have an existing account on eBay, you will need to open a new one. On eBay, you have two options for the kind of account you wish to register. It either has to be a personal account or a business account. Whichever kind of account you choose to open depends on your needs.

How to Create Seller Account on eBay

If you notice closely on eBay, you can find thousands of sellers marketing personal items like old watches, phones, and others. These sellers usually sell products they no longer use. If you want to venture into this kind of market, then the personal account will serve you satisfactorily well. However, if your plans include a much bigger market scale, where you would like to act as a retailer, selling large quantities of items, or even a producer selling your products directly on eBay, then choose a business account.

Opening an eBay Account

Here I walk you through the steps to opening an eBay account successfully.

Step 1

Visit the eBay website

Step 2

Go to the registration page and beside the sign-in button, click on the register button.

Step 3

Select the type of account you want, personal account or business account. We’ve differentiated it with a simple explanation at the start of this post, so you know what to opt for.

Step 4

Fill out the form with the required details.

Step 5

Click register

That’s it, you’re done. Quite easy apparently.  Now you have successfully opened an eBay account. All you need to do to begin selling is to click sell on your account page, then you will be walked through the process by eBay on listing your items in your store so potential buyers can see and place their order.

How to Add Payment Method to Your eBay Account

Adding a payment method is important for paying eBay for their services. You could either use PayPal or direct credit or debit card payment methods. eBay will charge you according to the payment method of your choice coupled with other factors that affect how much you’ll be charged in total, such as the listing of your products on eBay. eBay will use the payment method of your choosing to charge you in due time.

To begin the process of adding a payment method, you will need to log in to your account and click on business information, next click on financial information then click on change payment method. You can now choose which payment method appeals to you. You will be given a list of the available payment methods to choose from. For any payment method you choose, you will be walked through further registration to fill in the necessary information required. After this, the process gets completed successfully.

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