How To Create The Perfect Facebook Ad

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hey Juan here and in this video we’re going to walk through how you can create the perfect Facebook ad so here’s a deal when it comes to running Facebook ads the most important factor that you need to look at and keep in mind is the offer because if you don’t have an offer that is enticing that gets people to stop dead in their tracks and actually opt in or have them take you know any kind of specific action that you want them to take then you know it’s pretty much all for naught because you can have you know the best landing page you can have the best images but if your

offer isn’t enticing enough then you’re going to lose out on a ton of leads right and so what I want to walk you through here now is how you can find winning offers that are already converting that already have you know great copy written messaging have a great offer and that have also maybe some landing pages that we can literally emulate

for our own offers okay so let’s go right ahead here and I want to share with you this tool by the name of AD spy now this tool here is extremely powerful because with normal type of actual ad search where you can kind of look at your competitors ads and look at you know what kind of ads are running that’s going to be through the Facebook platform you’re only going to be able to see a certain number of ads that they’re currently running and you won’t be able to see

very much metrics so let me give you an example here so let’s say that we wanted to look at the Phantom Gourmet here and if we go to Facebook here we can see their page here and we can go to the page transparency and we can look at some of the ads that are currently being ran and we can get a good idea here of which ads are running and we can see some details however that’s not giving us the entire picture and so with the tool here like ad spine we can see

the exact landing page the you know demographics are targeting that this individual ad has here so let go to let’s see here 15 comments 3 comments let’s see here here’s one that has a lot of engagement here ok 14 comments 19 shares 51 72 and you can start to notice here the differences in targeting so 55 years old female one comment 57 to 77 one comment 12 likes there and so this one has a very specific age group here 51 and 72 and a very unique offer so wrap

up your holiday shopping deliciously The Phantom Gourmet restaurant gift card is accepted over 200 restaurant so this is an offer here to essentially purchase a gift card so let’s look at the metrics here okay because again what we’re looking for here and through the Facebook Ads by tool is how we can create the perfect Facebook ad for ourselves by

looking at what’s already working out there in our market for our particular business and what offers are you know gaining the most traction so let’s look at this here we can see the demographics the countries the age groups and then we can look at their actual landing page this is why I love this tool so much here because it gives us the ability to look at not only the Facebook ad but the landing page and all the different metrics so let’s go back over here okay and let’s say that I’m a local attorney and that I provide divorce attorney services and I’m looking for a good offer that I can

offer to individuals through Facebook that is enticing that I know will catch people’s attention so let’s go in here and first go to the country here I want to look at just the USA okay and then let’s look at I’d like to look at the ones that have at least 10 likes okay great and then we can change this actually also so that it actually makes sense for who we’re trying to target so I would say people twenty five knots about thirty plus because people that are and let’s say going on here twenty five maybe some people that got married earlier and they’re looking to get a divorce you know for whatever reason so let’s go to about I don’t know fifty five maybe 25 to 55 okay and let’s type in here divorce

attorney okay here we go so now we can find some that are going to be for the actual offer that we’re looking for so don’t be overwhelmed with the divorce changes story change your life call today okay and so your marriage may end fatherhood doesn’t have to so this one’s geared towards actual fathers okay not a bad one here let’s even look at this one okay doesn’t have a particular offer here as far as like an opt-in form it’s literally just a branding kind of awareness type of Facebook ad so we want to look for actual offers here okay let’s go back up here let’s go divorce

attorney let’s see if we can pull something up here there we go now we can find some good ones here so a divorce without a lawyer is hard get a free case review with an experienced divorce attorney okay so this is for people that already are looking to get a divorce right they’ve already made that decision and now this is offering them a case evaluation to really just help them understand you know all the different things that are involved and really to see if there’s anything that can be done to help this process go through a lot more smooth right so let’s see here let’s open

this up okay we can see the comments shares obviously this person here has a great ad because they’ve had people share this and I’m sure people are sharing this with people that they know are unfortunately going through a divorce right okay so let’s look at the actual landing page here now free divorce case evaluation and so this is kind of like a legion type of landing page here and i believe this page is more of like a general page so it’s not necessarily like a actual attorney but it’s a page that was created to generate leads okay so let’s go right here and type in or copy and paste that let’s look at this page here so what do these guys do here these guys are Mattia of different people or

maybe even a group of attorneys but it’s more of just like a page here to generate leads let’s even look at their website yeah so this is really just a lead generation page that was set up here okay so let me down here study divorce rates no higher for wives more so this is a good one here that kind of causes and gets people to really start you know talking and a lot of kind of like a pros and cons and it’s really just getting people to engage because it’s something that is maybe out of the box out of the norm against conventional wisdom right and so let’s see there are different ads that they’re running here okay so we can look at a lot of the different offers that they have here so free divorce evaluation

so all these guys are doing is offering a divorce evaluation okay and so looks like to me like they’re getting quite a bit of leads here because they have quite a bit of ads running here so obviously these guys are doing something right so perhaps a case evaluation would be good offer to have right through Facebook ads so we can see the out of here now let’s see if we can find one here like this guy who is actually an attorney so expert advice on divorce impact listen to attorney so this guy’s talking about a podcast okay let’s see here Sharon L Jackson divorce attorney practicing so this

one here isn’t really an offer it’s more of just like hey this is a billboard pretty much right and then a divorce without lawyers hard okay let’s see if we can find some others that are actual attorneys here the law office of Jason R carpenter this one doesn’t I don’t like this image here and I don’t think it’d be very enticing to people right Catherine Vincent Law okay James Jay sectin yeah so the whole points here right is to get people to you know opt in and learn more about your services about your product and really about making sure you have the right offer in front of them because if it’s not enticing if it’s not going to stop them from being social and just you know looking through people’s

pictures and their friends and their grandpa’s pictures right then they’re not going to want to stop and actually learn more and with divorce obviously it’s a huge deal and so it’s really important to have an offer that really connects with them at an emotional level so this one here looks to be offering a divorce attorney service and talking about five hundred dollars down same day and so this is an offer here where this particular attorney is pushing the time factor because most different types of divorces because most divorces take months and months and months to actually you

know go through but this particular attorney here is pushing time by kay in as little as 10 business days you have everything ready to go complete divorce and 61 to 70 days so this is for those that want a very quick and easy divorce and they want to make it as painless as possible so let’s see here as far as this particular ad okay great and then here is the actual landing page and then we can even look at the actual ad up so this one actually isn’t available and I wonder why hmm okay Houston Texas okay so look at this this is interesting these guys have a great ad here however

their landing page is ridiculous because there is no call to action there’s no opt-in form there’s no box here that tells you hey input your information here to learn more there’s all this stuff here and I bet you when most people land on this page here they’re going to get distracted they’re going to leave because there’s no direct call to action right and that’s very important to have on all landing pages is very easy and simple very little resistance to input information

right this attorney here is time to educate them and do all this stuff this should be at the very top up here right in here right and this you know button here should be even bigger right so just giving you here some ideas on how you can create the perfect type of Facebook ad by already looking at what ads out there are working and not having to kind of reinvent the wheel right so this is a tool here that I highly recommend you use it’s going to be about a hundred 150 dollars per month however you can sign up for a free trial and they give you up to 1,000 searches that you can use at no cost so that’s going to be here for this video and we’ll see you guys on the next one

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