How to Create the Perfect Link to Ask for Facebook Review

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So you want to get more Facebook recommendations, huh? Whether you’re using a review generation tool like Starfish Reviews, or sending a message on Facebook messenger, posting on Facebook, or sending out an email to all your clients or subscribers, it’s simple, right? You just send them to the reviews tab like this:, right?

Facebook’s Review Linking Problem

Not so fast! Unfortunately, Facebook hasn’t made it super simple like Google My Business has. If you send them a link like the example above, users who are logged-out of Facebook won’t arrive at the right place! Check our what they’re going to see:

It’s confusing, right? Not only that, using either of those options will not take them back to your reviews page after they login. Another Facebook failure…. ?‍♂️ Here’s where they will be taken:

  1. If they use the normal, top-right login (#1), they’ll just end up on their normal feed, with nothing to do with your page at all!
  2. If they use the “Log In” button at the bottom (#2), they’ll be taken to your page, but not the Reviews section, where you want them to be!

Outsmarting Facebook’s Issues

It turns out that Facebook does have a way to redirect people to wherever you want after login though. That means we can construct a URL that will redirect people to the reviews section of your Facebook page. This link works great for logged-in users and will take logged-out users to the right place as well, no matter which of the above login options they use.

It’s a little complicated, so we created two methods for you. For both methods, you’re going to need to know your page’s “slug,” aka the part of the URL that designates your page. To get your page’s “slug”, go to your page, and look in the address bar of your browser and get the part that’s between two forward slashes: / following “”.

Constructing the Facebook Recommendations Link

Method 1 – The Easy Way

The easy way is to use our Facebook Reviews link generator below. Just input your Facebook page’s “slug” and your email address, and we’ll email you the very best link for your Page’s reviews. NOTE: it’s not the whole Facebook page’s URL. Just the “slug” the part between the first two slashes (“/”) as shown in the demo animation below.

Facebook Reviews Link Generator

Method 2 – Construct It Yourself

Here’s the steps to construct the URL yourself:

  1. We need to take them to the login page, so they can login. So we start with the basic Facebook login page URL:
  2. The trick that makes this all work is the “next” parameter that Facebook has built-in. Facebook will take the user to wherever that URL is set to, after they login. So we add the next parameter on the end:
  3. Unfortunately we can’t just add the URL of our Facebook Reviews page on there normally. So this is wrong: and won’t work!
  4. Instead, the special characters in the “next” URL have to be converted to their HTML character codes. So in the end it looks like this:

Kinda complicated right? But it works every time.

Use it in Your Starfish Reviews Funnels

Now that you’ve got your shiny new URL, you can be confident that they’ll end up on the reviews portion of your page, whether they’re logged-in or logged-out, and whether they use the #1 or #2 login options from the screenshot above!

So, grab your new perfect Facebook Reviews URL and put it in a new Starfish Reviews funnel, or as one of the destinations on a multiple-destination funnel, and send the Funnel out to your clients, followers, etc to get more positive reviews on Facebook, with the lowest possible friction and abandonment rates!

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