How to Enable Facebook Dating – How to Find & Contact a Match on Facebook Dating

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Facebook dating is all the rage and you are probably wondering how to enable Facebook dating. Planning on joining the dating game after a while of being single it looking for a way to finally as your crush out. Then you are reading the right article because here you will learn how to enable Facebook dating.

How to Enable Facebook Dating - How to Find & Contact a Match on Facebook Dating

How to Enable the Facebook App Dating Feature

Looking for How to Enable the Facebook App Dating Feature? Here are the steps or procedures to follow in enabling Facebook dating.

  • First off update your Facebook app on your and rid or iOS device.
  • Facebook dating will appear in a tab on the main menu of the mobile app.
  • Click on it to enter facebook dating and create a dating profile. This profile is separate from your main profile.
  • Here you will fill in your personal details such as your height, religion, job, title degrees, education, and any other information.
  • You may also be asked to suggest photos and information from your Facebook profile which you can either edit or remove when creating your dating profile.

Note that before you can start using Facebook dating you must be eighteen (18) years and above.

How to Find a Match in Facebook Dating

During your set up process your gender will be requested and the gender you are interested in. It could be either man, women, etc. But none of this information will be shared with your potential matches. You will only be suggested to people or others who are in Facebook dating and people or others will suggested to you based on your likes and preferences. You will see friends of friends but not people in your friend list. Know that Facebook dating will not match you with your Facebook friends unless you both add each other as a secret crush.

How to Contact a Match on Facebook Dating

If you are interested in someone all you have to do is comment directly on their Facebook dating profile or tap on the like button to let them know. Note that all your activities will stay on Facebook dating and will not be shared on Facebook.

Facebook Secret Crush

The Facebook dating secret crush allows you to match with people you already know on Facebook or on Instagram. You can add up to none of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to your secret crush list. To be able to Instagram followers you will have to connect Facebook dating to your Instagram account.

Those you add to the list will get a notification saying someone has a crush on them and if your crush adds you to their list then it’s a Match. If those you add are not in Facebook dating, do not have a crush list and did not add you to their crush list then they won’t know a thing.

How to Create a Facebook Account

To be able to join Facebook dating, find a match and start a secret crush list then you first of all need to have a Facebook account. Here are the procedures to follow.

  • With internet connection download the Facebook app into your mobile device.
  • Open the app and fill the form as prompt (you will be requested to upload a picture, add your phone number, email address, create a unique password, user name, and other requirements.
  • After creating your account you can start adding friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

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