How to Find a Match on Facebook Dating

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Over the past years, dating on Facebook has been done using Facebook messenger which mostly does not end in the Favor of the person looking for a date. Mostly, people just stalked others, comment on their post and try so many different means to gain the attention of the person they like. But with Facebook dating available, stalking people or doing things to get their attention might not be necessary. Facebook dating has created a platform where people can find a perfect dating match for themselves. So, if you are wondering how to find a match on Facebook dating then this article is for you.

How to Find a Match on Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not a separate platform created to work alone. The platform was built into the Facebook app. Even with that, your Facebook dating profile remains different from your Facebook profile. You Dating Profile only uses some information from your Facebook profile, plus you even get to edit your profile by yourself and some other details you feel is important. This will really help when it comes to How to find a match on Facebook dating.

Basics About Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is more like a tab on Facebook main menu app on your mobile device. When you newly set up your dating profile, you would be asked to select your gender and the genders of people who you are interested in. Facebook specified options are Cis woman, trans woman, trans man, Cis man and non-trans men. Facebook made sure that your gender identity would not be shared with any of your potential matches, plus you get to express your interest in everyone. Women, men, transwomen or trans men. If you choose to, you can place details like your height, job title, religion, where you work, your school or you can even add if you have children or not.

How to Find a Match on Facebook Dating

This is where you will learn how to find a match on the Facebook app dating feature, so read carefully. Finding your perfect match on Facebook dating is really easy. Once you are done creating your dating profile. The profile is similar to that of tinder, hinge and bumble. Once you are done Facebook suggest that you describe yourself in three sentences, word or using three emojis. Once your account is set, you would have no problem finding a match because Facebook would display people who mostly share similar interest with you on the platform. The platform has two main tabs namely “liked you” and “conversations”. You get to see people who liked you on the platform and you also get to like people on the platform. you also get to match with existing friends on Facebook through the secret crush feature.

Requirements for Having a Facebook Account Profile

When it comes to having a Facebook dating profile, the requirement is not that much, but first, you need to Have a Facebook account. Just like I stated previously stated, the dating platform is not built separately from the Facebook app, but it is inside the Facebook platform. So, if you already Have a Facebook account you are halfway there. Another important requirement of having a dating profile is that you must be 18 or older to make use of the platform. Finally, the dating platform is only available on Facebook app meaning you cannot access using the web only the app.

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