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How to gain Admission to Any Nigerian University in 2021/2022


Learn How to gain admission into any Nigerian university in 2021/2022.

How to Gain Admission: Did you just finish secondary school in Nigeria and are looking for your next step without having to retake the JAMB UTME / POST UTME twice? You’ve come to the right place.

This is also a place to come if you want to learn How to Gain Admission to any University in Nigeria.

Many students make common mistakes when applying for admission to any of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. As a result, many students retake JAMB multiple times.

Now let get started with what we have decided to talk about on How to gain admission which are:
  • After Weac, what's next?
  • Is it 100% certain to get admission with a good qualification in Jamb?
  • After writing Jamb, what should I do?
  • After my UTME post or screening, what should I do?
  • Easy Procedure to Gain Admission
After Weac, what’s next?

If you’re a Nigerian student, this post is up and running because you’re supposed to apply for JAMB UTME if you want to study at any of the tertiary institutions. Felicities! You are progressing to a higher level of academia.

JAMB UTME is the next thing after the weac, so you must get ready for jamb, as jamb is the popular Nigerian pass that gets harder by year.

In those days, it was quite straightforward to enter a university in Nigeria; only SENIOR WEAC needs to be written. Only a few people are then advised to write the WEAC, so there are few applicants.

However, now, every year, the ALMIGHTY JAMB UTME introduces hundreds of thousands of secondary students, which means that it’s not really possible to admit all these students, and a way to look for many Weac candidates.

How to gain Admission to Any Nigerian University in 2021
How to gain Admission
Is it 100% certain to get admission with a good qualification in Jamb?

Just because you have passed the 160/180/200 cut-off mark (according to school) does not mean that your entry is secured. So, you have to prepare very well for JAMB. The truth is that you tell the university when you pass Jamb that you apply and have booked university tickets.

A little statistic for this year Jamb will be revised below.

1 OYO 102,358 5.43
2 IMO 99,002 5.25
3 OSUN 94,381 5.00
4 OGUN 88,152 4.67
5 DELTA 84,518 4.48
6 KADUNA 84,431 4.48
7 KANO 80,638 4.27
8 BENUE 79,785 4.23
9 ANAMBRA 74,872 3.97
10 KOGI 74,553 3.95
11 KWARA 71,672 3.80
12 EDO 69, 715 3.70
13 AKWA IBOM 67,738 3.59
14 ENUGU 66,594 3.53
15 ONDO 65,808 3.49
16 PLATEAU 54,504 2.89
17 ABIA 50,960 2.70
18 EKITI 46,153 2.45
19 RIVERS 45,862 2.43
20 NASARAWA 44,453 2.36
21 KATSINA 39,576 2.10
22 CROSS RIVER 37,166 1.97
23 BORNO 35,423 1.88
24 LAGOS 33,831 1.79
25 BAUCHI 32,902 1.74
26 NIGER 31,654 1.68
27 EBONYI 31,221 1.65
28 GOMBE 29,095 1.54
29 ADAMAWA 27,094 1.44
30 TARABA 26,637 1.41
31 JIGAWA 23,479 1.24
32 BAYELSA 19,680 1.04
33 YOBE 19,452 1.03
34 KEBBI 18,262 0.97
35 SOKOTO 16,473 0.87
36 ZAMFARA 9,999 0.53
37 FCT 7,736 0.41
38 OTHERS 392 0.02

Now, you just think you’re going to get a good jamb score? Whether your course is competitive or not, you have to know you can’t really get a place in any admission list with your good score.

After writing Jamb, what should I do?

If your jamb score is good then compliment you because it is not as easy as you think to cross jamb college sites. Many students make a mistake by thinking that if their jamb is to be blasted, they must be admitted so that they feel comfortable studying for UTME. What you need after Jamb is to prepare for the post-UTME or screening university.

After my UTME post or screening, what should I do?

Post-UTME/Screening is the biggest issue for every student, whether you pass your JAMB, or not, don’t relax. That’s one of the reasons why applicants with JAMB scores higher than 250 are not allowed.

If you think your UTME post will not have to be cut off by the UTME post, you will seriously be denied admission if you score 280 or 290.

What you must know is that Post UTME consists of two ways;

  • By an aptitude test i.e. (Exam)
  • By Screening of credentials i.e. (your Weac and Jamb result)

So, take your UTME exam more seriously than your Jamb exam, which gives University admission to students with a fixed mark.

After writing your UTME or screening post, what you have to do is try to upload a JAMB PORTAL result to your university so that you can easily see your Weac result if fake or original, this is what many students don’t know if your jamb scores are sometimes good or you still don’t know why your Weac result is not uploaded.

How to gain Admission
How to gain Admission
Easy Procedure to Gain Admission

I agree with that theory; many of our students always choose Professional courses over Career courses, and as a result, they are denied admission.

I know you’ll ask if you can get an easy step to be true with you, there aren’t easy ways to get your admission to universities in Nigeria. We’ve done real research and asked certain scholars about the easy ways to gain admission. Thanks to them. Thanks to them.

We keep it brief by summarizing everything that can assist you in gaining admission by not letting a year pass you by, so check it out and know what to do.

  • Apply for less competitive courses.
  • Apply to universities where admission is simple.
  • Keep two courses in mind for supplemental purposes, such as Professional Courses or Career Courses.
  • Always be aware of how your university’s aggregate admission points are calculated.
Summary on How to gain admission

In summary, you may find it amusing, but that is the obvious truth of gaining admission into Nigerian universities.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below for a proper answer. We will appreciate it if you leave a comment and share it on social medial below if you find this information useful.

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