How to Get Facebook on TV

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How to Get Facebook on TV


Access your Facebook account from several different televisions and boxes.

Accessing the Internet from your television allows you to surf the Web without getting off the the couch. Television models and mobile applications that allow you access to a variety of social networking sites, including Facebook, are available on the market as of the date of publication. You have several options for applications, boxes and televisions that enable you to watch TV on the same set while you update your status and read your emails.


Step 1


Log in to your Facebook account using Google TV, based on the Honeycomb version of the Google Android operating system and available through some Sony televisions, Blu-ray players and Logitech boxes. Through the Blu-ray players and Logitech boxes, you can use Facebook on any HDTV by working directly from the mobile Facebook application, available in the Android Market, or by using a standard Web browser.


Step 2


Update your Facebook status using Samsung’s Internet TV, which comes with several applications installed by default, including Facebook and other social networking apps, as well as streaming video, movie and music applications.


Step 3


Check your Facebook account using the AirPlay mirroring application on your Apple TV box, which allows you to stream whatever you’re using on your iPad to your Apple TV box wirelessly. You can check your Facebook account with the iPad application or the included Web browser. The Apple TV box also requires you to have an HDTV. As of the date of publication, the Apple TV does not have Web browsing capabilities on its own.


Step 4


Access Facebook on your computer’s Web browser and display the computer screen on your TV using the TV output connections on the computer’s video card. Some desktops require special cables to connect to a TV, so refer to your manufacturer’s documentation for full details.

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