How to Install Facebook On An iPhone

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How to Install Facebook On An iPhone


You can move the Facebook app to another screen or folder at any time.

Unlike most apps that run on iOS 8.1, you can install the Facebook app from your iPhone’s Settings menu instead of the App Store. This alternate installation method is possible because Facebook is integrated in all versions of iOS — from version 6 and up. You only need an Apple ID to download the free app from the Facebook Settings section of the iOS Settings menu. In addition, you can upload content to your Facebook account from other applicable apps, such as the Photos app, by signing in to your account from the Facebook Settings section.


Step 1



Access your iPhone’s Settings menu.


Tap Settings from the Home screen to open your iPhone’s Settings screen.


Step 2



Select the Facebook option.


Scroll down the Settings screen and select the Facebook option to open the Facebook Settings screen.


Step 3



Start the installation process.

Tap the Install button to open a pop-up box that prompts for your Apple ID password. To post content to your Facebook account from other applicable apps, enter your Facebook credentials in the appropriate fields and then tap Sign In. After you sign in to your Facebook account, upload content by tapping an applicable app’s Share icon, which resembles an arrow exiting a box. To create a new Facebook account, tap Create New Account and follow the instructions.


Step 4



Download the Facebook app.

Tap Enter Password and enter your Apple ID password to download the Facebook app. If you use the Touch ID feature on your iPhone, press your applicable finger against the Home button to download the app.


Step 5



Launch the Facebook app.


Tap the Facebook icon after the download process completes to launch the app. If you have a large number of apps across several screens, swipe your finger down from the middle of the Home screen and then type Facebook in the Spotlight Search bar to locate the app.


Step 6



Sign in to your Facebook account.

Enter your Facebook credentials in the applicable fields and tap Log In to access your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, tap Sign Up for Facebook and then follow the directions to create a new account.


To install Facebook from the App Store, tap the App Store icon from your device’s Home screen and then tap the Search icon. Enter Facebook in the Search bar, select Facebook from the Results list and then tap Get.

To install Facebook using the desktop version of iTunes, connect your iPhone to your computer and wait for iTunes to launch. Click iTunes Store in the top menu bar, type Facebook in the Search field and then select iPhone Apps. Tap the Facebook Download button, wait for the app to download and then sync your iPhone with iTunes.

To move the Facebook app to a new location, tap and hold the app until it wiggles, drag it to the new location and then press the Home button.

To delete the Facebook app, tap and hold the app until it starts moving, tap the X button and then tap Delete.


Download Facebook updates as they become available to ensure the app has the latest improvements and fixes. To view any available updates, launch the App Store and then tap the Updates icon. To automatically download updates, tap Settings, select iTunes and App Store and then activate Updates in the Automatic Downloads section.

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