How to Log into Your PayPal Business Account | PayPal Account Login

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Pay pal been one of the largest online payment services, it still has other means to send and receive money in different organizations/platforms. Since pay pal is an online service platform, its main outlet is their website, which has all the vital information about your account, however, you can log into your account through either the pay pal website, the pay pal app. Also, you can be asked to log into your pay pal account when you are making an online transaction on either of the online stores that accept pay pal payments and you are about to check out.

How to Log into Your PayPal Business Account

First of all, pay pal is an online service of an American financial institution that is registered in the United States of America and some other countries, it is a global marketplace and it is by far the biggest internet wallet service. Pay pal later opened up to many other countries including Nigeria in the year 2014. But before, that Nigerians could still open pay pal accounts though but they’ll have to be residing in countries that are supported by pay pal

If you are a resident of Nigeria and you want to open a pay pal account from Nigeria it is very simple and easy. Firstly, you’ll have to visit their official website to submit some requirements. These requirements include

  • An email account (a valid one). Pay pal will try to validate it by sending a message to show that the email is valid. Now in this message, you’ll notice some steps that Now in the message, you’ll notice some steps that you will have to follow to confirm the existence of the email
  • A visa or master card (either a debit or a credit). If you are a resident of Nigeria, your verve or master card must be linked to a Nigerian account. This is necessary for the verification of your account, and before your account would be fully verified, a tiny amount would be debited from the card all you’ll have to do is confirm the transaction

How to Log into My PayPal Account Using the PayPal App

Actually, pay pal has two apps which include the normal pay pal account and pay pal here. The pay pal app works for the IOS users, the android users and also the windows users. Also, the app allows you to log in using your cell phone number and a pin instead of using your email address and password. To start, make sure that your phone has been activated on the pay pal’s desktop website. Meanwhile, the pay pal here app works alongside a credit card reader that is attached to IOS and android phones, it also helps merchants to accept pay pal payment

NOTE: when you are paying with PayPal or you are signing up using any other website asides pay pal’s, be sure that your browser’s address bar shows pay pal’s URL starting with https, before signing in. This is to avoid the risk of giving your account info to some sites that looks like pay pal.

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