How to Make a Ninja Emoticon on Facebook

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How to Make a Ninja Emoticon on Facebook


Emoticons can enhance the experience of chatting online.

An emoticon is the use of typed symbols to indicate a mood or expression in text. The emoticon is usually sideways, meaning you must turn your head to one side or the other to see the symbols in their intended state. Facebook has programed some emoticons to display as cartoon faces in chat mode. While “ninja” is not currently one of the Facebook emoticons that do this, that list is always changing. Facebook users have come up with a way to display their “ninja” moods using symbols.


Step 1


Hold down the “Shift” key on your keyboard to make a capital latter and type “Q.”


Step 2


Continue to hold the “Shift” key down and press “K.” Do not leave a space between the letters.


Step 3


Turn your head to the left to make the ninja come into view. The “Q” symbolizes the head with the trailing scarf, while the “K” is the arms and legs, spread in a classic ninja pose.

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