How to Make PayPal Payment Using Credit Card

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PayPal is known universally as the safe way to pay for purchases or rather a universal way to make an online payment. PayPal offers pay now options or pay later options through pay pal credit. Now whatever you are buying online doesn’t matter whether you are grocery shopping, getting a new gadget or purchasing some new clothing/shoes. Those pay pal options will be made available to you.

How to Make PayPal payment using credit card

PayPal Credit Defined

As the name entails, credit has to do with purchasing now and paying later, but according to pay pal, pay pal credit is a line of credit issued by synchronized banks that gives you the ability, or allows you to pay for your purchase now, or pay as time goes on. This line of credit is very simple to use and apply.

PayPal Credit is also an online platform the same with PayPal and this platform is accepted around the world including eBay and some other online stores. If you are the type that makes payments/transactions online or you purchase stuff online and the online retailer that you normally use accepts pay pal, then and only then can you use the credit account, but if otherwise, you cannot use it.


Asides having a pay pal account, you will need to have a pay pal credit account. If you don’t have any, you can apply for one while making an online transaction or any other time using their online approval process. It is more like signing up for PayPal credit account after opening the normal pay pal account. There are some steps that you can follow to apply for a pay pal credit account either during a purchase or otherwise

Application for PayPal Credit

  • While making an online purchase either with Walmart, eBay or any other online retailer that accepts pay pal select PayPal check out as your payment option (mind you, your pay pal account must be set already including your credit and debit information. You must have all this ready before you continue)
  • Now after creating the account (pay pal account), an option will be given to use pay pal credit. Select the option, then follow the step by step instructions also give you date of birth and your social security number, after giving these details you will receive an approval in seconds

However, if you already have a pay pal account then you will not have to wait to apply for pay pal credit when you are purchasing something online. Instead, you can apply anytime with their online approval process.

NOW THE MAIN QUESTION “how to use pay pal credit to make a purchase”

If you want to use pay pal credit to make a purchase, you’ll have to visit a retailer that accepts pay pal, fill your cart, and then proceed to check out.

Firstly, you’ll have to choose a payment option to continue. If you want to use pay pal, choose your pay pal account as your payment option for your purchase

Secondly, the pay pal window will appear, select pay pal credit, and then select continue. If all these steps are taken, pay pal will allow you to view your order one more time if everything is good then you can submit your order. You can log into your pay pal account to view both your pay pal credit order history and the status of your order.

You can make payments to your pay pal credit account using your pay pal account balance or your bank account. You can also use the pay by phone service through pay pal or mail your payment in.

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