How to Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Game – Ludo Club Facebook

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How to Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Game – Facebook instant games are the kinds of games that Facebook users can play using the messenger app. The Facebook Messenger App has gone beyond just being used to communicate.

This has really made the app even more relevant since it has gone beyond chatting with friends, as people invite their friends to play games with them. People are enjoying playing games on Facebook Messenger App because it provides an avenue for them to spend more time with people they love they matter the distance.

How to Play Facebook Messenger Ludo Game

About Facebook Messenger Ludo Game

Facebook Messenger Ludo game is one very popular multi-player strategy game to play with Facebook friends. Naturally, Ludo game is a competitive game so, you can challenge your friends to a game and see who is best at it. Don’t forget, the fun part is the most important apart of this game. It takes four persons to actually play this game. Meaning, as a player, it’s you against three other plays. One person has to win the game.

In this game, a pair of dice controls the game. This pair of dice helps you move and protect your pawns. You winning the game is highly dependent on this. Every player’s pawn can be identified by a single color. These colors include; Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Also, getting a six can really help you win the game.

How to Access Facebook Messenger Ludo Game and Challenge Your Friends to a Game

Having the Facebook Messenger App on your Android or iOS device is the first step to accessing this game with ease. Although, you can also access it on your web browser. After that, make sure your device is connected to the internet then, follow these steps:

  • Open your Facebook Messenger App. Make sure to update from your App Store if need be
  • Open a chat window with your friend by just clicking on his/her name or the plus icon
  • Once you click on the icon you are given a menu with several options. Click the Games Controller icon
  • Choose Ludo game from the list of games presented to you.

People are creating group chats for the Facebook Messenger Ludo Game. You can also do the same. In this group, you get to see a leader board and also live scores of people playing.

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