How to Setup a Radio Station Facebook Page

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Easy guide on how to setup a radio station Facebook page in just a couple of minutes – Create a place where you can chat with your listeners.

Setup A Radio Station Facebook Page

A Facebook page is a great place to reach your listeners. Let fans know about upcoming shows, events, giveaways, or news. Instantly share what’s going on inside your station or if you’re on location. This easy guide will show you how to Setup a Radio Station Facebook Page in just a couple of minutes.

Please note: As of June 2018, Facebook require your page to have 2000 likes before you can use third party Apps.

What You Need

To setup a radio station Facebook page, you just need a Facebook account. If you don’t already have one you can signup here.

Create Facebook Account

Create Your Facebook Page

Next up, head to the Create a Facebook Page. Now select Entertainment – From the drop down menu choose Radio Station, and finally enter your station’s name and click Get Started.

Create Facebook Page

Now your Facebook page should be created and look something like this.

Example Facebook Page - Setup a Radio Station Facebook Page

At the moment there’s nothing currently on the page, so it’s up to you to update it with your radio station’s details. Here are the essentials you need to update in order to make it stand out and look great.

Add Profile & Cover Photos

The profile photo is what visitors will see when your page alerts them via Facebook or shows up on their feed. Set the profile image as 170×170 pixels – Upload it by clicking the image and selecting Upload Photo.

Facebook Page Profile Cover Images

The cover photo is the header which shows up at the top your page, so it’s the first thing visitors see. Set the cover image by 820×312 pixels.

Update About Info

In the About section, add in your radio station’s details. Add in things like when your station started, your email address, and the story of how your station got up and running with your mission statement.

Facebook Page Description

Click Edit Page Info – In here add more details like your broadcasting hours, your location, and contact details. Be sure to fill out all of these details so it’s easier for visitors to find out more about you and your station.

Add Your Radio Player

One of the cool things you can do at is create your own branded player. Take your player and add it to your Facebook page by following the video below.

Download the Static HTML app here.

See it working here.

Post Post Post

Now you’ve setup a radio station Facebook page it’s time to post! Share what’s going on at your station, with any upcoming events, news, or shows.

Facebook Page Posting

Encourage visitors to chat with you and comment on your page to get the discussion flowing.

Congratulations! You’ve setup a radio station Facebook page! Now you can share what’s happening, promote events, and a bunch more cool stuff.

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