How to Share Music on Facebook

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How to Share Music on Facebook

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Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful peer-based resource for the music industry.

You’ve found a great new band and you want to share it with your crowd. Facebook will reach the friends you want, and you can connect with a variety of music services that look after details, such as embedding music players and assuring music is cleared for sharing.

Using YouTube

It may seem odd at first to use a video site to share music, but since the early 1980s, music videos have been integrally connected with popular music. YouTube is, however, by far the largest source for music streaming. Log in to YouTube, click the “Share” button under the video window, then the Facebook logo icon. Add a comment, then click the globe icon to choose with whom you’d like to share on Facebook.

Picking Pandora

Pandora draws an estimated 60 million visitors each month, placing it at or near the top of any list of popular music websites. Your likes, follows and other listening activity on Pandora updates automatically once Facebook is connected through Pandora’s external services. From your Pandora account, click your name or email address in the upper right. Select “Settings,” then “Privacy.” Under “External Services,” click “Connect” and sign in to Facebook in the pop-up window.

Sharing SoundCloud

The SoundCloud waveform is recognizable wherever it pops up, and with 50 million listeners each month, it’s worth knowing how to share tracks and playlists outside the service. Click the share button below any song or playlist waveform to display the share overlay. The interface is similar to YouTube. Click the Facebook logo and sign in, if necessary. You can comment on the link and set privacy on Facebook through the pop-up window. Of the major music sharing sites, SoundCloud is the easiest for uploading your own compositions and recordings, but be sure you have copyright control or permissions for material you upload.

Selecting Spotify

Spotify too supports easy connection to Facebook. Shared tracks, artists and playlists post directly to your Facebook Timeline. From the Spotify player, click “File,” then “Connect to Facebook.” Click the “Log in with Facebook” button and enter your Facebook credentials. Your Facebook friends will now appear in your Spotify player. Sharing music is as easy as clicking “People” on the left side toolbar. Tracks, playlists and album cover art also have social media share buttons, and Facebook can be selected from these as well.

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