How to Share Photos With Friends On Flickr

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How to Share Photos With Friends On Flickr

Uploading your pictures to a photo-sharing platform such as Flickr is a convenient way to share photos with friends, family or co-workers. You can share either single photos, slideshows or entire albums on Flickr by clicking the Share icon.

If you plan on sharing some of your photos on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, visit the Sharing & Extending page to connect your social network account to Flickr. Connecting an account not only lets you share your photos on your Tumblr blog or Twitter feed by clicking a single button, it also allows Flickr to automatically share your new photo uploads to your Facebook Timeline.

Connect links next to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr on the Sharing & Extending page.

Click the Connect link next to the social network account you wish to connect and follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the connection.


You can remove an existing social network connection at any time by clicking Edit next to it and selecting Remove Connection.


The Facebook Activity Updates feature is turned on by default, allowing Flickr to post your new uploads to your Timeline. To disable it, click Facebook, untick the check box next to Automatically Share and save your changes.

Sharing Photos


Step 1: Selecting a Photo


Photo selected from the Photostream


Go to your Photostream and click the photo you wish to share.

Share icon at the bottom of the window.


Click the Share icon.

Share menu with social icons highlighted.

Flickr lets you share photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Select a social platform and, optionally, write a few comments about your photo before clicking the Submit or Post button. Alternatively, click the Email icon to send a link to your photo via email.


Step 4: Embedding the Photo in a Web Page or Blog Post


Embed code at the bottom of the Share window.

Select HTML if the platform you want to embed the photo on does not support iframes.

Copy the embed code to your Windows Clipboard and paste it in your Web page’s source code or in your blog post.



Link tab open with direct link at the bottom.

Click Link to reveal a direct link to your photo. You can share that link with friends or family by, for example, sending them a message on Skype or any other instant messaging application.


Step 6: Embedding Your Photo in a Forum Post


BBCode tab open with the BBCode selected.

Optionally, select an alternate photo size from the drop-down menu.

Select BBCode and copy the embed code to your Clipboard. You can now paste that code into a post on any Internet forum that supports BBCode.


If you attempt to share a photo you previously labeled as private, you cannot share the photo on TwitterTumblr or Pinterest by clicking the respective icons. However, you can still share the photo to Facebook, embed it in a Web page or forum post or send a link to it by email.

Sharing Albums


Step 1


List of photo albums on the Albums page.


Open the You menu from the Flickr toolbar and select Albums. Click the album you want to share.


Step 2


Share icon in the Albums toolbar.


Click the Share icon.


Step 3


Social network and email icons in the Share This Via pop-up menu.


Click any icon to either share the entire album to the selected social network or to send a link to the album by email.


Step 4


Grab the Link hyperlink at the bottom of the pop-up window.


Select Grab the Link to reveal a direct link to the album.

Sharing Slideshows

Step 1


Slideshow icon with contextual menu open and Open Link in New Tab highlighted.

You can find the Slideshow icon in the Photostream or Album toolbar.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Yahoo

Right-click the Slideshow icon from your Photostream page or from an album and select Open Link in New Tab.


Step 2


Share This Slideshow pop-up window.

Selecting Customize This HTML lets you edit the size of the embedded slideshow.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Yahoo

Open the browser tab that contains your slideshow and click the Share link to open a pop-up window.

  • Copy the URL if you want to send a direct link to the slideshow to a contact.
  • Copy the Embed Code and paste it in a Web page’s source code to embed the slideshow in the page.
  • Select Email a Link to the Slideshow to send a link to the slideshow by email.

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