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How to Use Pinterest Website – How to Use Pinterest to Make Money


This content is all about How to Use Pinterest website for your leisure and also for your gain. Currently, Pinterest has more than 77 Million users and are waxing even greater. People use Pinterest for a lot of things and for me; I enjoy how organized the platform is. Unlike other social online platforms, Pinterest is one that has its information categorized. Many persons do not understand that it isn’t so much of a connectivity platform. It is more of a search engine which people visit forideas and concepts. Individuals are taking advantage of this opportunity tomake money for themselves and I can sure tell you I am one of them. So, trustme to help you out with this.

How to Use Pinterest Website

How to Use Pinterest Website

Anyone who is a computer literate can use Pinterest. It is not in any way difficult to navigate your way around once you’ve signed up. Pinterest is all about advertisement. It isn’t like Instagram or Twitter where you get to upload photos and videos and people react to them by liking and following. Pinterest doesn’t really have room for chatting so it is important you understand how to use it.

On Pinterest people get to follow you based on their interests i.e., a niche you cover (Publish contents about) that attracts them.


Boards are like files where you put contents involving a particular thing. The contents on Pinterest are referred to as “Pins”. These pins are like the documents you put in a file. Based on anything you are interested in, you can create board for it and create pin which will draw people’s attention. You can follow those that also create pin about your niche.

If someone likes a pin on Pinterest, he or she can decide to repin it to his/her board. It’s just like the way you re-tweet on Twitter. This means that both the original creator of the pin and the person who repined it are now sharing the same pin.

How to Use Pinterest to Make Money

Before you start making money with Pinterest, I advise you create a platform yourself. You can become a;

  • Blogger
  • Digital Marketer
  • Owner of an online shop or store

The most important thing is, you need to own something that can fetch you money. After that, Pinterest can now step in. This platform has been designed to help you draw traffic and make people very aware of anything you do. As I said earlier, Pinterest is a search engine and you have to take advantage of what people are searching before you can rank on Pinterest. If you sell things, you can redirect people to your site and persuade them to buy. For blogger, as long as your AdSense is there all you have to focus on is driving people to your site so when they click you earn more for yourself.

Am going to be publishing content on Pinterest Marketing for Bloggers soon so get ready for the secrets.

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