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I Want Make A New ID On Facebook – Facebook ID Number | Facebook Identity


Having a Facebook account these days seems like one of the ways to go. Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world if not the best. Some persons even think it’s the best in the world. Well you won’t blame them for this. If you don’t have a Facebook account right now, then you are really missing on a whole lot. Just in case you are wondering how you are missing out on a whole lot. You need to first make use of the platform. Personally all my friends have a Facebook profile. I in this article I will be writing on the Facebook ID feature on the platform hence the topic of this article ‘I want make a new id on Facebook’.

I Want Make A New ID On Facebook

I Want Make A New ID On Facebook

On Facebook there is nothing you just cannot do. With this platform you can easily lose track of time. The Facebook platform is a much need tool in a time like this where everyone is confined in their homes. With this platform they can keep their hold on society and their friends and family. Now to take us further in this article I will be telling you of the Facebook ID feature.

What is Facebook ID? Have you come across this regarding Facebook before? Does this mean that you have a Facebook ID all these while without your knowledge? Well everyone on the platform with an active registered account has an ID. Now that you know do you know where it is on your Facebook account? Do you know how to find it? If you don’t know how to find this feature you have nothing to worry about. I will be putting you through how you can find your ID on your account and how you can create one if it’s possible.

What Is The Facebook ID

This is not like the plastic identification card which you probably have at your workplace. This type of ID is actually quite different. A Facebook ID is part of your public profile on Facebook. This ID helps you to be found on the platform. What I meant by the latter is that with your Facebook ID, your friends on the platform can easily find you.

This is a string of numbers connected to your Facebook profile. These numbers do not identify you on a personal note. If a person has access to your ID on the platform he or she can see your profile and every other public information about you on Facebook. With your ID on the platform, applications on Facebook can help personalize your experience by connecting with your profile and friend list. When you also have an issue with a game or an app, the developer of the game or app will help you investigate the problem.

How To Get A Facebook ID

Getting your own Facebook identification number is easy. Anyone can get his or her own Facebook ID. This is associated with every account on the platform. If you have an account on this platform, know now that you have your own ID. If on the other hand you don’t have a registered account on the platform, you don’t have one and if you would love to have, you will need to create your own account now.

Facebook Account Sign Up

Just as I have mentioned already, you need an account on the platform to get your own personalized ID. Creating a Facebook account is free and also easy, but only if you know-how. Follow the steps below to create a Facebook account;

  • Go to Facebook Sign Up.
  • On the Facebook sign up page, enter your email address, name, date of birth, phone number and gender.
  • Hit the sign up button.

You will need to verify your account when you finish creating your account. This should not give you any problem at all.

How To Find My Facebook ID

You might have come across your ID sometimes on the platform, but due to ignorance or sheer lack of knowledge, you didn’t know what you were looking at. To view your Facebook identification number, follow the steps below;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on your profile icon.
  • Click on your profile picture to view.
  • At the top of your browsers bar, you will see your Facebook identification in this format, number).

How To Make A New Facebook ID

Making a new identification on Facebook is both possible and impossible. The thing is that you are only allowed to have one unique ID per profile. To, therefore, create a new ID, you will need to create a new Facebook account.

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