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Since the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook a lot of amazing innovations have taken place on both platforms and connecting both Facebook and Instagram is one of them. Currently, Facebook gives people the option to connect their Facebook accounts and Instagram accounts. Since they have your data they definitely know you are on both platforms.

Instagram Login with Facebook

It is very important you link these social media platforms together because; it will definitely help you to make certain adjustments especially when it comes to security. This simply means that you can easily retrieve any of your accounts in case a scammer or hacker tries anything funny.

Instagram Login

First, let me give you a bonus hint on how you can log in your Instagram account when it’s not connected with Facebook. This is how to go about it:
• Visit the Instagram website
• Input your Username
• Input your password
• Click “Login”

Instagram Login Through Facebook

This here is the real deal. Am sure you want to access your Instagram account using your Facebook account just in case you decide to save your time while login in. This is how you go about it:
• From the Instagram login process, as shown above, visit the Instagram login page
• Tap “Login with Facebook Account”
• You will see a fresh login portal
• Input your username on Facebook
• Input your Facebook login password
For future benefits, connect your both accounts to each other, this gives Facebook the impression that you truly are who you say you are. Facebook is still giving room to login Whatsapp through Facebook. This is very amazing if you are on all of these platforms.
Learn to take advantage of offers like this. Facebook is really creating a powerful user environment for all who find themselves on any platform owned by them.

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