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In this article, I’m going to talk about getting jobs in particular. Whatever you’re doing, Give your very best and be great at it; because that an eye is watching. When people see that you are good at what you are doing, they might be the ones that will even take you higher. And you will likely meet someone who will give you a better job.  He/ she might likely recommend you to someone to offer you a job even better than the one you are doing. So you can see that one thing leads to another.

Sometimes it might be a direct recommendation, and other times they will be like approaching you face to face and introduce you to the job, so you can apply. Now what they think of you really matters.




Search for jobs online, try to get magazines or newsletters that talk about jobs and then try to apply for it. There are instances where one can actually apply for a job without knowing anyone at the company, and this is mainly through applying to a job through the company’s website. This is not through job search websites. If you apply through job search websites, you’re going to have a lot of competition and how are you going to make yourself stand out when there is so much different competition? Your best bet is to do it through knowing someone. When you apply to a job, at least if you know a friend, give them a ping; let them know that you’re applying. So by the time the recruiter goes up to them and asks them if they know you, you know they can give a good word for you.



So this goes to networking, if you really have a good vibe, if you have a good personality, and being social, you are going to be loved. And you are a likable person, and then they’re going to automatically give you positive feedback. It helps to intern while you’re in school so that you can get a final job when you graduate. But it helps even more to get those internship positions. Win friends and influence people if you have a good social network, you will see that many people will be willing to help you because they see that you are a good person. When you’re at your current job, you need to demonstrate your value even when you’re not currently looking for a job. There are people who are always kind of monitoring you.  Nobody will want to hire someone who is not nice or has a bad outlook, someone who always complains.



Be that kind of person that people will love to be around with. Be that kind of person that people will be talking good of. So it’s about your technical skills and social skills. Have a good personality, try to be nice and be a good networker.

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