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Logout Facebook Account Remotely – Facebook Account Logout


How to Logout Facebook Account Remotely from Every Device? This has been a question asked by some users. Some people find it difficult to locate where they have the login their Facebook account. You can always  Logout your Facebook Account Remotely from every other as easy as possible.

 Logout Facebook Account Remotely

If you have a computer you can always leave it without logging out from it. But if other users always use the computer with you always make sure you log out from the system. And if you forgot to do so you can use the Facebook security settings to Logout Facebook Account Remotely. The steps are very easy if you follow them very well.

Go to your Facebook menu, and then you tap the more button at the upper right corner on your Android smartphone. Or lower right corner on your iOS device. When you have done that, then the list of the menu displays. Scroll down and click on the last button, which is the logout icon. Tap the logout Icon to make sure you are logged out.

How to Logout Facebook Account Remotely

You can only use this method if you left your Facebook on your friend’s phone without logging out. You can use it remotely and this method will also log you out of messenger but it does not have Log out option.

  • Just go straight to your security setting, when you are there just click on it and wait till it loads all account security options.
  • Then you just open your list of active logins. Once you open it. It will show the locations where you are currently online on Facebook. And it will also show the current device, you mobile device and some other locations you have been logged in
  • Then you open ‘Active Sessions’ when you click on this and you will see the names of the devices as reported to Facebook. It will also show you the locations and the date last operated. Then all you need to do is just to make use of all this information to select the session you really need to end.

How to log out Facebook Account and end a Session

You use this when you want to log out from a device, once you end a session then it ends for that particular device. Once you are done with this, it then returns to the login page. And is anyone is currently viewing your page from that browser or app, immediately the will be kicked out. Then you tap ‘X’ to close the entry to log out.

Note if you want to log out your Facebook account to end all activity.

All you just need to do is to click on the ‘End All Activity’ icon then you link the logged in box. Then if you have done all this it signs out of everywhere you have logged in your account. Including the one you are using to browse.

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