Making Money on YouTube with Sponsorships – 5 Things to Know

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In this post, we go over a few things that brands look for when it comes to making money with YouTube sponsorships.YouTube is a well-established community for vloggers in all different kinds of niches. From beauty vlogs and DIY tutorials, to travel adventures and alternative news sources, YouTube is a home for just about any type of visual media you can name.

Making Money with YouTube Sponsorships As a Vlogger

While you always have the option to monetize your YouTube videos with AdSense, it’s also possible to work with brands on YouTube sponsorships. A sponsorship occurs when a company pays you or offers some other form of compensation, such as free product, to feature their product or service within vlogs or help promote their brand on social media and other ways.

Vloggers who have gained an audience typically did so through a lot of hard work, and a lot of time spent learning what their audience likes and who they are creating for. Simply choosing any brand to present as a sponsor of your channel may not always bring the best campaign results or engagement. It’s very important that vloggers on YouTube consider what types of brands genuinely interest them, as well as work great with their niche and audience.

That being said, it’s also essential to understand what you need to bring to the table as a content creator. If you want to work with a brand on a YouTube sponsorship for your vlog channel, you’ll have to be sure that you are a strong investment for the brand. Here are a few things that brands will want to see:

Viewer Engagement on Your YouTube Vlogs

When it comes to YouTube sponsorships, the number one thing that brands want to see is viewer engagement. Typically, brands large enough to sponsor a creator can handle getting thousands of followers on social media.

However, they can’t just go out and buy an engaged following. They can’t instantly reach out and interact with potential customers, gaining their trust, the same way that a creator can help do. Engaged viewers are the biggest draw for YouTube sponsorships, so if this is a path that you want to pursue, you’ll need to focus on being connected with your audience.

Getting involved in conversations, hosting social media contests and Q&A sessions, and getting to know your audience like friends, will all be very important in creating an engaged community that a brand will want to tap into through sponsorship.

Brands Aim For Content Relevance When Doing Campaigns

Brands need your content to mesh well with theirs if they want to promote you as part of their own marketing campaigns. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a reviewer of vacuums to get a sponsorship from Dyson; a home improvement guru, a house flipper, or an interior designer might all be content creators who could promote a vacuum within the context of their usual content.

Brands love this connection to “real life” because it makes their products real to consumers. Be sure to look for ways that products and services can fit into your content niche. You’d be surprised how you can fit some products into your narrative very easily!

Interest in Your YouTube Channel’s Niche and Audience

In order to make an audience believe that they want to buy a product, a content creator has to be genuinely interested in it themselves. In order to judge your interest, brands will look for your passion for your audience and niche.

Do you enjoy the topics you discuss and make an effort to engage your audience by asking questions or encouraging them to leave comments? This is a good indicator that you will bring that same passion and drive to presenting their product.

Success with Past YouTube Sponsorship Campaigns

If you have ever previously been involved with a sponsored campaign, brands will want to know how successful that was. This is a good indicator of what the brand can expect by sponsoring you. If you’ve tracked results from previous campaigns and neatly copied or published them on a doc, even better, as this helps provide better insight! It can also help you understand what you may want to do differently this time, or what you should do the same to repeat past success.

Social Media Opportunity For Brands

Another element is the opportunity to reach out to your audience in other ways. Brands want to see if you’ve built up an engaged social presence that can help boost the campaign. Of course, you can have an additional fee for this or include it as part of the campaign – be sure to negotiate what you think is fair!

If you love making YouTube videos and one day want to pursue sponsorship, the key is to start early and keep growing as much as you can. Establish an engaged audience. Keep your metics growing and consistent (views, upload schedule, subscriber growth). It may take time, but the harder you work right now, the easier it will be to partner with brands on YouTube sponsorships.

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