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All you need to know about NEXIT Portal (


NEXIT Portal is an official portal of the Npower programmes for beneficiaries who will be empowered by the federal government with a token to start up a business based on the skills acquired during the Npower programmes.

Npower programmes which started in the year 2015 with different batches A, B are to benefit from the NEXIT Portal during which they are to apply using their Npower login details.

This post will help and guide you on how to use the NEXIT Portal and what you are expected to achieve during the cause of registration. You will need to register on the NEXIT website with the same details you used during the Npower Registrations.

What you will be needing for NEXIT Portal

NEXIT signup -

  • You will need your Npower official email
  • Your Npower ID
  • You will need to fill up a form on the NEXIT Portal to indicate your interest
  • You will need to fill up the skills you have learned during the Npower programmmes


What’s NEXIT Programme about?

NEXIT website -

Nexit is a programme established by the federal government to payoff Npower programme beneficiaries and offer them grant/loan to start up a business based on the skills acquired.

How can I benefit from NEXIT?

All the Npower applicants who wish to participate in the NEXIT programme must visit the NEXIT Portal and follow the steps below;

  • Visit
  • Create an account by registering on the NEXIT Portal
  • Verify the account by checking your email

Note: The email used during the initial Npower programme is compulsory

  • After a successful login, you will need to update your profile
  • Kindly wait for the federal government to approve your registration and provide the next stage for funds applications.

This programme is been supervised by the honorable Minister Sadiya Farouq who has been working hard to make sure Nigerians benefit from the federal government programmes and interventions such as Npower programmes, NEXIT programmes, and many more.

The NEXIT Portal is meant to accommodate all the six categories, they are; N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro, N-Build, N-Create, N-Tech which was recorded during the Npower programme.

It’s important to note that N-Teach and N-Health, respectively, are specifically for graduates only and must have completed their NYSC services with a discharge certificate.

You will also need to know that the Npower programme for 2021 will soon start, and we shall be updating you on information related to it here, kindly bookmark this page and our website.

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