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Nigeria Beautiful Curvy lady Shared Her Thing on Instagram Today


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Nigeria Beautiful Curvy lady Shared Her Thing on Instagram Today

How to win the big brother show with the top tips from past winners

Are you interested in becoming the next big brother after Miracle’s win at Big Brother Naija 2018 Double Wahala, and having looked into the strategies of the winners, it is interesting to note that winners of Big Brother Naija have a lot in common?

what is the big brother Naija show?

The Big Brother Naija show is a reality tv program in which contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth $100000 at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted by viewers. The contestants are expected to win the hearts of their fans in which they would be the ones to vote for them online to avoid been evicted from the big brother Naija house.

what is the big brother Naija show

One big step to win Big Brother is to be observant. Miracle spent the first few Weeks observing and perfecting his plan while others were feasting. Uti, on his second return to BIG BROTHER NAIJA, had realized his mistake and reorganized his plan.

How to win big brother naija

Observation and Strategy win BIG BROTHER NAIJA, if Tobi had taken his time to be observant, he would have known Cee C better and not have endeared himself to her.

Below are the following strategies to win the BIG BROTHER NAIJA 2019


How to win big brother naija
  1. HAVE A TRENDY SLANG: No Big Brother edition ends without having one slang or the other coming from the winner. Uti was ‘ABEG ABEG ABEG’, Efe was ‘BASED ON LOGISTICS’ and Miracle was ‘WE DIE HERE’. Slangs help Contestants build some form of personality with public viewers and it goes a long way of connecting with viewers and earning some loyalty.
  • FIND A GOOD GIRL/GUY AND BE NICE TO HIM/HER: Having a girl/guy in the Big Brother Naija House could be a make or break situation, Tobi would have probably been a winner if not for Cee C’s role in his campaign. Miracle, on the other hand, got Nina who is not much of a drama queen and was nice to her and encouraging her and this endeared the girls to Miracle and they made him win. He got most of the votes from the female folks for how he maturely handled Nina. Also, when you up for eviction, the fans of your partner will keep you in, an example is Nina and Marvis who wouldn’t have gone far if not for their relationship with Miracle and Efe,
  • DON’T QUARREL: When you quarrel in the BB house, you set up yourself with the fans of the person you quarreled with and they won’t support you if their nominee leaves. In many cases, the quarrel is the beginning of a downfall. Teddy A quarreled for the first time over meat and left the following week. Other contestants may likely put you up for eviction if you are not a peaceful type. Miracle as an example tried to be at peace with all and is in the good book of all other contestants.
  •  BE A LITTLE RELIGIOUS: This contributed to Uti’s win, he was the only housemate who did not hide his faith. Miracle and Nina, for instance, took a few times to prayed together. If you can do this, you’ll win the religious people’s bloc.
  • PERFORM ALL TASKS: When it comes to a task, die there; it shows that you really want the prize. Efe took all the tasks last year as his life depended on it. Miracle also won every major task in the house, from payporte challenge to Pepsi. People love associating with winners and once you start winning, they will want to win along with you till the end, you’ll be seen as the rightful winner of BB from the start.
  • HAVE A GOOD REASON WHY YOU WANT TO WIN: Sympathy could get you a large number of votes, dream big and let the public know you need that money to fulfill that dream. People want to know that their money would be going to a cause bigger than the contestant. For Miracle, his dream is to be a full pilot and the money would help him write the necessary exams, who won’t want to help or vote for such a person?

The irony is that these strategies are applicable to winning the hearts of the people in life politics. Big Brother Naija is a political game and quite easy to win if you are tactical. On this note, I say ‘Good luck’ to future contestants; you have no reason not to win the Big Brother Naija 2019.

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