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Ultimate Guide to Receive your NYIF Verification Email


Applicants for the Nigerian youth investment fund programme have experienced difficulty in receiving the NYIF Verification Email which doesn’t arrive on the email.

The issue surrounding the programme is that the NYIF website is usually overloaded with a request which causes the delay and unable to deliver NYIF Verification Email to NYIF applicants.

This problem has affected and prevented a lot of applicants from accessing the loan offer from the federal government and in this post, you will learn how to fix the issue and possible reasons why you don’t usually get the NYIF Verification Email.


I would be explaining the reasons why and how to resolve some of these issues,

  • Invalid Email: Some applicants might have used non-existing emails or wrong emails, such invalid emails will not receive the NYIF confirmation mail.
  • Wrongly typed email addresses: due to rush and all that, the NYIF portal has recorded lots of wrong emails because of wrong spellings and incomplete email addresses which means that the NYIF confirmation mail won’t be delivered.
  • Spam Folder: some of the NYIF confirmation mail might be delivered to the spam folder of the applicant’s email and he/she might not check that after accessing their inbox.
  • Network issues: if the network of the applicant’s devices is not available the email won’t be delivered and applicants might assume the email is yet to arrive.

So, which category did you fall under for NYIF Verification Email error or challenges? Yes, I know you didn’t fall into any of the above categories and yet you have not received the NYIF confirmation mail.

Have you checked this link with your BVN, to confirm you were actually shortlisted,, and also created a password?

Steps to follow in other to receive the NYIF Verification Email and apply for a loan;

NYIF Verification Email

If you got the text message from NYIF informing you about the prequalification stage then, you are got to go. If you didn’t, we got you covered on this process step.

  1. Confirm if you have been selected either from the text received or check with this website
  2. Click on “loan application” and enter your BVN
  3. If you were selected you will be asked to choose a password
  4. Check your mail for NYIF Verification Email and don’t forget to check the spam folder.

How to apply for a Loan after NYIF Verification confirmation

  1. Login to your dashboard using your email and password
  2. Click on a loan application from your dashboard
  3. Enter the amount you need
  4. Enter account details
  5. Wait for loan approval and disbursement
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