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Pinterest Marketing – 7 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips and Strategies


Pinterest is one of the most recognized social media platforms in the world. Over 2 million people use Pinterest every day. This platform isn’t one of such platforms where users get so caught up with uploading their photos, videos and updating their status. If you are a digital marketer like me, you will understand the value of this which am about sharing with you.Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is more focused on advertising whatsoever once you have an online presence for anything you do. This is absolutely the best way you can draw lots of audience to yourself. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest doesn’t care about redirecting people off their platform so it is even safer to use when it comes to marketing.

How Pinterest Functions

People come on this platform to get several ideas and concepts which is a great tool for marketing. Am a blogger so I use it as a search engine than just a social media platform. On Pinterest, you create boards on several niches you are conversant with. These boards have pins which come with media (images or videos) with a link embedded in them to help take people to sites or blogs that offer certain services. As I said earlier, Pinterest isn’t bothered about people being directed out of their platform. You probably wouldn’t come across any social media platform that is this free but still very safe.

Pinterest Marketing Tips and Strategies

Pinterest is a great tool to expand your business and market reach without no much stress or publicity. Here are tips you need:

  • Get fresh ideas on Pinterest by observing what your competitor do and taking advantage of what they lack that people need
  • Make sure the media (photo or video) is original and captures what you are trying to pass across
  • To get across to people more, join Group Boards which helps people engage with your advertisement and get notified anytime you add a pin
  • Be credible at all time. Make sure your media and link tally at all time. This keeps your info original and prevents visitors from taking a bounce anytime they are redirected to your site. This means “People want what they actually want”
  • Do people the favor of repining their pins (pins related to your niche or market) and they will also return the favor
  • Know what works for your market and take good advantage of it
  • Also know when best your targeted audience (followers) visit Pinterest so you know when best to add a pin

Hope this was helpful guys?

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