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Skype and Facebook are two very amazing social connectivity platforms that effectively aid communication between individuals all around the world. Their integration has made it possible for users to chat and call their friends from any of both platforms. That is, from Skype, you can get across to your friends on Facebook.

Skype Facebook Login

The idea behind this integration is “Aiding Effective Connectivity between Facebook and Skype users all around the world”. Don’t get it twisted guys, they are still separate platforms but can work together if you choose to connect them both. So before you can enjoy the use of this sync, you have to sign up with both platforms.

Skype Facebook Synchronization (Integration)

Without the benefit of a doubt, Facebook gives users the opportunity to have their Skype contact in their Facebook Account. That is, you get to have both your Skype and Facebook friends in one place. After this connection, you are allowed to text chat, video call your friends and manage both your Facebook and Skype contacts all at once.
To synchronize your both accounts, follow these steps:
⦁ First, connect both your Facebook account and Skype account together simply by opening your Facebook profile on Skype (This you will see how to do in the next paragraph)
⦁ From your Facebook friend’s list, pick a friend
⦁ Click the Text Chat or Video Call Button and your friend would be notified

Skype Facebook Login

Signing In your Skype Account using your Facebook Profile is very easy. First, it is important you as signed up with both platforms as said earlier, then follow these steps:
⦁ In the attempt to Sign in Skype, click the Facebook Icon
⦁ Input your Facebook login details
⦁ After account assessment, grant Skype permission to your Facebook Account
Once you are done with this connectivity, you can now carry out your Facebook activities from Skype.
NOTE: Skype has stopped the Login via Facebook since January 2018 and has only connected this login to users having a Microsoft Account.

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