Top 45 Nigerian Movies on Netflix to Watch | Check Out No. 2 & 4

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Netflix just became official in Nigeria and the first thing you might want to check out is the top Nigerian movies on Netflix. Nollywood is known for the number of movies they release meaning that Nollywood produces a vast number of movies than any other movie industry. Netflix is an internet-based tv that once you subscribe to it gives you a month of unlimited access to movies you can watch.

Top 45 Nigerian Movies on Netflix to Watch | Check Out No. 2 & 4

Top Nigerian Movies on Netflix

Since the beginning of Nollywood, the industry has produced thousands if not millions of Nigerian movies for educational and entertainment purpose. Though not all Nigerian movies are to be found on Netflix I assure you that the ones currently on Netflix are amazing and you would love to watch them if you have not watched them already. Here are the top Nigeria movies on Netflix.

  1. Lionheart (2018).
  2. Chief daddy (2018).
  3. 93 days (2016).
  4. Merry men the real Yoruba demons (2018).
  5. Up north (2018).
  6. Road to yesterday (2015).
  7. The Bling Lagosians (2019).
  8. Mokalik (2019).
  9. Mom’s at war (2018).
  10. Isoken (2018)
  11. The arbitration (2016).
  12. Phone swap (2012).
  13. The figurine (2009).
  14. New money (2018).
  15. Taxi driver oko-ashewo (2015).
  16. Seven and a half dates (2018).
  17. The CEO (2016).
  18. Potato pothato (2017).
  19. The vendor (2018).
  20. Okafors law (2016).
  21. Lagos real fake life (2018).
  22. Banana island ghost (2017).
  23. The invasion 1897 (2014).
  24. A trip to Jamaica (2016).
  25. The visit (2015).
  26. Gbomo gbomo express (2015).
  27. In my country (2017).
  28. The bridge (2017).
  29. Celebrity marriage (2017).
  30. Green white green (2016).
  31. When love happens (2014).
  32. Lunch time heroes (2015).
  33. Iyore (2015).
  34. The ghost and the tout (2018).
  35. 10 days in suncity (2017).
  36. Slow country (2017).
  37. Hakkunde (2017).
  38. TATU (2017).
  39. Zero hour (2019).
  40. The duplex (2015).
  41. The first lady (2015).
  42. Crazy people (2018).
  43. Wife’s on strike the revolution (2017).
  44. Being Mrs Elliot (2014).
  45. The Accidental Spy (2017).

All the above listed are the top Nigerian movies you can find on Netflix. These movies are among the best that Nigeria has produced and you would love them. From comedy to romance and tragedy, thus movies will take you in a spin as you have never experienced. So if you are on Netflix it is no brainer that you should watch these movies if you have not already.

How to Open a Netflix Account in Nigeria

Opening a Netflix account in Nigeria is easy and there are two ways you can do this. You can either use the website or download the app.

  • Open the website by visiting
  • On the page that appears click on choose your plan. From the page choose any of the plans available and click on continue.
  • Click on continue again and create your password. You can tick to receive Netflix special offers or not.

After doing all that click on continue, then fill any other necessary information and add your credit card details. You will be given a free month of unlimited access to movies and TV shows but after the free month, you will be charged based on the plan you subscribe to.

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