Facebook is one of the leading social networks in the world and this is because it offers a lot to its users. There are loads of features on the social app that covers all your every need in connecting to friends and family. This has made it the most popular social media platform in the world with a user base of about 2.2 billion monthly visitors.

When Will Facebook Dating App be Available in My Country | CHECK NOW

When will the Facebook dating app be available? Now, stats show that there are over 200 million users who are single on the social media platform, Facebook. This large amount of single users make it even better and easier to find someone you may be interested in because your chances of finding someone are higher as this is attributed to the means by which matching suggestions are made on the newly rolled out Facebook Dating App.

When Will Facebook Dating App be Available | Dating on Facebook Apps

But first, let us talk about the Facebook Dating app. It is also called Facebook Dating, the Facebook feature was launched in the US in September 2019 at a conference and afterwards was made available for use in several other countries. Yeah, for now, the Facebook Dating is only active in few countries The Facebook Dating App is an online matchmaking service or online dating service if you will, that is available through Facebook.

This means that you must own a Facebook account before you can enjoy the experience of the dating app, Facebook Dating. However, the dating platform is a separate be one from your normal Facebook account while being accessed through your account. In order words, your activities and personal dating life are kept away from your regular Facebook accounts and only friends with intention or rather friends that opt-in to use the Facebook dating app can see you.

The privacy level on the Facebook dating app is one of the most admired things that even those who feel funny about online dating go for it and also for the fact that it is all free to use, unlike most dating sites. One great thing about the new Facebook dating app is that it suggests matches for you not based on looks but based on similar interests you and the other user shares. And this actually helps to break the ice into starting a conversation.

Facebook Dating Feature

Speaking of starting conversations, the developers of the app took steps to ensure that messages and media shared on the platform is separate as well from you Facebook Messenger also it was made in a way that you get to like the photos posted by a person you may be interested in and start a conversation through the comment section.

Generally, the Facebook dating app requires you to create a profile once logged into your Facebook account as you try to make the profile interesting to other users while containing things about yourself that may pique the interest of whom you may be matched with. The social Giants, even though late to the game stand as a stiff competitor for the other dating platform because it has the leverage of using data it has on you to make suggestions of singles you are paired with rather than a random person.